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Rimpocha Rules

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Rajah Banerjee gives away the remainder of his shares in the Makaibari Tea Estate- 12% in all- to a group of individuals who have led Makaibari to success, effectively making them stakeholders in the mammoth venture. This is a move, he knows, will create an economy of grassroots entrepreneurs, paving the way for an [...]

Rajah Banerjee: Darjeeling’s Bad Boy

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Rajah Banerjee: Darjeeling’s Bad Boy Rajah Banerjee at the Makaibari Garden “I don’t make mistakes; I only learn another way not to do it right.” So says Rajah Banerjee, the iconic leader of Darjeeling’s legendary Makaibari Estate. As you can imagine from this quote, Rajah is a polarizing figure in the tea world – [...]

Lessons in Management from the King of Darjeeling

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His presence is evocative of classical music, fine wine, a sip of hot oolong tea, the best things in life, smell of fresh earth, elegance that comes from generations of sophistication and a bravado that comes from the wildness of spirit. After having spent a day in the company of Rajah Banerjee, the de [...]