Rimpochaa Tea and Child in Need Institute (CINI) are partnering to support vulnerable children in the Tea Gardens of North Bengal.

Children living and working on India’s tea plantations are suffering malnutrition, ill health and a lack of education. This situation has built a culture where child labour, trafficking, sexual abuse and violence have become the norm for many young people living and working on India’s tea plantations. Education is often of least importance and children are sent to work rather than to the school. These factors combined have led to a situation where uneducated and unsupported children have become extremely vulnerable to abuse.

Rimpochaa believes this situation is unacceptable and with the addition of the COVID 19 crisis putting even more pressure on these already fragile communities Rimpochaa has teamed up with Child in Need India to make a difference. Rimpochaa has pledged 50% of its online sale until 31st May through Rimpocha Store to directly to support these children affected by poverty, discrimination, exploitation and social injustice.

Child in Need Institute (CINI) has been working for 46 years to defend the rights of deprived and vulnerable children living across India’s towns and cities. CINI supports children by providing or linking them with education, healthcare, nutritional support and protection from abuse. CINI works to empower children and help them understand their rights within the community. They also work with local government and service providers to help uplift young peoples voices and ensure standards and expectations are raised overall.

Both Rimpochaa and CINI are focused on strengthening the weaker sections of the society. Together we will respond to the immediate and acute needs of poor children in the tea plantations. We will also create a catalyst for a real and ongoing change for tea plantation communities.

Currently, Child In Need India is responding to the emergency situation caused by the unprecidented COVID 19 lock down in India. Many people have been left stranded without an income. CINI is reponding by providing emergency food rations in the Tea Gardens, emergency phone line services like CHILDLINE and Railway CHILDLINE and short term shelter home for children in need of urgent shelter.

This new partnership with Rimpochaa Tea will provide immediate vital financial support to CINI for the emergency response, but we will also continue this work to ensure children in need of support have better and brighter futures overall.

Thanks in anticipation
Team Rimpochaa