Rimpocha Initiative

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Kaziranga National Park is flooded out. Enclosing media clips of the endangered tigers and rhinos. Naveen Pandey / Head Veterinary Officer of the Park and an old friend, is collaborating with Rimpocha to create higher grounds as safe havens, under floods. Please reach out to your network to support the Rimpocha Range at rimpochatea.com. [...]

Rimpocha Rules

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Rajah Banerjee gives away the remainder of his shares in the Makaibari Tea Estate- 12% in all- to a group of individuals who have led Makaibari to success, effectively making them stakeholders in the mammoth venture. This is a move, he knows, will create an economy of grassroots entrepreneurs, paving the way for an [...]

Rajah Banerjee: Darjeeling’s Bad Boy

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Rajah Banerjee: Darjeeling’s Bad Boy Rajah Banerjee at the Makaibari Garden “I don’t make mistakes; I only learn another way not to do it right.” So says Rajah Banerjee, the iconic leader of Darjeeling’s legendary Makaibari Estate. As you can imagine from this quote, Rajah is a polarizing figure in the tea world – [...]

Lessons in Management from the King of Darjeeling

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His presence is evocative of classical music, fine wine, a sip of hot oolong tea, the best things in life, smell of fresh earth, elegance that comes from generations of sophistication and a bravado that comes from the wildness of spirit. After having spent a day in the company of Rajah Banerjee, the de [...]