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  • The First Spring Flush is tenderly picked in spring, March, post the long, arid winter dormancy. The tea is a delicate, genteel cup with peachy overtones. Rimpocha recommends this ambrosia to be sipped as the inaugural morning cuppa.
  • The Second Musk Flush is a high summer tea, catalysed by the advent of the first Norwesters in late April. The ferocious thunderstorms are short and intense. A half hour downpour of 10cm, accompanied by flashes of lightning and claps of thunder is a transformative magical wand. Overnight the second flush appears with all the summer life forces. Millions of green fly feed on the emergent second flush, retarding the growth. These damaged leaves are carefully picked. Rimpocha has carefully tasted the best offering from the region to be heady with a 5 minute steeped brew.
  • Sundowner (100 Grams)

    With invigorating spices such as cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon mixed with black tea, the Sundowner is a conversation starter. Take a pot of a four-minute brew to the evening gathering and let the banter flow free and easy.
  • There’s no wrong time to drink tea, and this warm and uplifting mix of black tea, cinnamon, and ginger flakes, brewed or four minutes, makes a strong case. Its tantalizing aroma and strong taste makes it irresistible, and the added benefits of a faster metabolism and better immunity make this necessary.

  • The exotic mix of black tea, rose petals, orange peels, and dried kiwi fruits is brewed exactly for four minutes. Its heady flavour is perfect for a midday escape from the daily humdrum.
  • Rimpocha || Himalayan Uplift back Rimpocha || Himalayan Uplift pack with leaf
    The quintessential black tea, this strong brew is apt for social gatherings or a pick-me-up on a midday. Brew a cup for at least four minutes to get that much needed energy boost. Exclusive for sale in India only