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About Us

About Us


Organic, Biodynamic, Permaculture farming aims at maintaining complete ecological harmony, treating the soil with proper nutrition and respect.


The sacred bovine is an integral part of biodynamic farming. For biodynamic practices the cow horn is a vital organ for any farm. The cow horn is a highly sensitive ‘solar panel’ that traps the cosmic energy and automatically switches on at sundown to enable the cow to digest in her network of four stomachs. Thus, the dung is exposed to 24hrs of sunlight. When enlivened by biodynamic methods, it becomes the best healer of the soil.


Extreme exploitation of 70% of women in India has enslaved them in a vicious cycle of utter destitution and poverty. Rimpocha allows the women to become financially independent. Two cows provide the biogas for cooking and the slurry ensure organic food security. The surplus sales -puts money in her pocket.


Rimpocha partners with small tea growers, particularly women’s cooperatives, undertaking the marketing of their produce under its brand to ensure that the growers receive fair prices for their produce. Empowered women create Self-Respecting Grassroot Entrepreneurs (GRE’s) for GEN-NEXT dynamic leadership thus CREATING HOLISTIC PARTNERSHIPS.


The rural scenario in the Himalayas creates a gap between the producer and the consumer. Rimpocha aims to bridge this gap by establishing digital hubs in each and every partnering farming community. This would create a green circular community fulfilling all 17 Sustainable Development Goals for UN Agenda 2030. Accompanied By The Infographic Below