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The Dream

The Dream



Eco-friendly agriculture, better produce, happy farmers


Rimpocha was created with the aim of developing a holistically sustainable agricultural economy, for the marginalized small tea growers of the North-Eastern states of India. Its ultimate goal is to reintroduce green farming to the country and bring self sufficiency to the small farmers who make up the core of Rimpocha. It stands on five operational principles that form the pillar of its corporate motto:

To gift five treasures to humanity.



Rimpocha || Healthy Soil


The secret to a good crop lies in its soil. A soil marred by chemicals will be damaged, ultimately beyond repair, and will only produce crops that are polluted by toxic elements. The only way to ensure healthy soil is to enrich it with eco-friendly substances, and this forms the first pillar of Rimpocha’s sustainability programme. Everything taken from the soil is given back in equal measures and more.

Biodynamic farming aims at maintaining complete ecological harmony, treating the soil as an organism that thrives on proper nutrition and respectful treatment. Crops are planted in rotation in order to maintain fertility of the soil and give it time to heal. Herbal ferments are used as harmonisers, and mulching ensures the soil is aerated and enriched on decomposition. One of the most effective preparation used is the BD 500- cow dung encased in a cow horn and buried underground for half a year, lifted to be sprayed on the cropping ground, spring with a setting sun. This is followed by BD-501 (crushed quartz) encased in cow horn to be sprayed following morning on the plants. Thus the soil and plants ideally balance for RIMPOCHA joyful cuppas.

Earthworms find active employment on Rimpocha soil. These silent allies are adept at burrowing into and turning the soil, keeping it loose and aerated for the plant roots to breathe and spread freely. They decompose swiftly, adding to soil health.



Rimpocha || Holy Cow


The cow is a sacred animal, and rightly so for the immeasurable benefits it provides to the farmer. The bovine is an integral part of biodynamic farming, with its capability of ploughing through fields and providing the most efficacious manures.

The COW is a vital organ of any farm land and revered since ancient times in the subcontinent. The dung proceeded manures and the slurry trapped as bio-gas an alternative cooking supplement. Hence the cow a is a multifaceted asset for a marginalised farmer.



Rimpocha || Women Empowerment


Seventy percent of ladies are marginalised farmers. Extreme exploitation has enslaves them to a vicious cycle of utter destitution and poverty. RIMPOCHA aims to put an end to this horror.

The better the farming practices, the better the yield, and the higher the price it fetches. This allows the women at Rimpocha to become financially independent, ensuring a cash surplus after daily expenses. This intern paves the door to invest in primary education for children’s self awareness. Follow by secondary education building the capacity with awareness creates. The combination creates character, enabling the next –GEN to break free to become successful self respecting grass roots entrepreneur (GRE).



Rimpocha || Fair trade


Biodynamic farming promises a yield that is of the highest quality. . A healthier and better tasting crop warrants a premium price, and complete control over their own products under the guidance of Rimpocha ensures that the growers get the right price for their produce, with no broker taking the lion’s share of the profits.

Rimpocha partners with small tea growers, undertaking the marketing of their produce under its brand. In the process, it ensures that the GREs have access to fair trade practices and receive fair prices for their produces.



Rimpocha || Digital Hub


In this age of digitalization, technology is increasingly integral to the success of any venture. The rural scenario here is sadly deficient in this regard. This creates a void between the producer and the consumer; Rimpocha aims to bridge this gap by establishing digital hubs in each and every partnering farming community, thus enabling the GREs to directly market their produce to the buyers at a very nominal fee.